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lickety! Staff asked 50 years ago

Welcome to lickety Q&A. Here at lickety, we are very strict about guidelines on our community forum. We strive to make this community a safe place on the web for all ages. All members must read this before posting answers or questions. Do not be afraid of these Guidelines! They are only here to prevent inappropriate content from being added to lickety.

  1. Be respectful. All questions and answers that contain misleading or disrespectful information will be closed and your account will be terminated. Example
  2. Lickety Q&A is not responsible for the content posted on this site. Never use it for medical advice.
  3. No spam or advertising is permitted. Offending accounts will be terminated.
  4. Terminated accounts are not deleted. Rather, they are deactivated. You can request reactivation Here.
  5. The community is not designed to be a staff support forum, but we will assist you if needed. Rather, it is a place for users to chat and grow as a community.
  6. You may create private Groups on the forum. You can even create and manage your own private Forum for your group. You may also add a live chat stream to your group. Your group will be deleted if it violates these guidelines.
  7. Admin always has the final say. We reserve the right to delete or edit all content on this website, especially content that contains inappropriate image, language, and more.
  8. Moderators do not have the privileges of the admin and if you deem that they are abusing their powers, you can request removal by asking a question.
  9. Make sure your answers are accurate about the subject. Offending answers will first be “ticketed” by the admin. The mods will review the ticket and decide to either delete or keep the answer. However, mods may NOT delete accounts of any member.
  10. Don’t answer a question more than four times. Don’t answer questions just to get on the leaderboard Example
  11. Guidelines can be edited and expanded at any time by the admin. Mods may not edit the guidelines either.